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Kinetic Tulip Garden Wind Spinner

Kinetic Tulip Garden Wind Spinner

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This wind spinner adopts the image of a tulip and has an elegant and elegant shape. When the wind blows the turntable, the tulip petals on the turntable will sway and dance with the power of the wind, as if blooming in the garden. This dynamic sense of movement gives a light and lively feel, adding to the lively atmosphere of the garden

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Product Information

Kinetic Garden Windmill Tulip Wind Spinner & Sculpture

Product Parameters

Material: Metal

Color: Red

Weight: 9.26 lb/ 4.2 kg 

Height: Total length 87 inches

Product Feature

  • Its shape design is exquisite, the details are excellent, and it has a certain degree of artistry.
  • The wind turntable is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. It requires no electricity or batteries to operate and relies entirely on wind power.
  • It allows people to enjoy the power of nature while appreciating beauty, and can bring visual enjoyment and spiritual satisfaction to people.

What You Get

Kinetic Garden Windmill Tulip Wind Spinner & Sculpture

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Kinetic Garden Windmill Tulip Wind Spinner & Sculpture
Kinetic Garden Windmill Tulip Wind Spinner & Sculpture
Kinetic Garden Windmill Tulip Wind Spinner & Sculpture

Kinetic Garden Windmill Tulip Wind Spinner & Sculpture

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Lovely in the Garden, Great Quality for the Price

I liked this spinner even more than I thought I would. The colors are as pictured and look pretty in the garden, and the slowly changing colors from the globe/LED light are lovely at night.

The metal stand is thicker than I was expecting and anchors into the ground with four approximately 6 inch spikes. There is a little bit of movement in the post, but not much. The sections screw together, so they could possibly need to be tightened up a bit eventually. I was also impressed by the nice heavy glass globe. For the price, I was somewhat expecting plastic that would degrade over time, but the solar globe light seems as if it will hold up nicely. Because the anchor post is so sturdy, I really don't worry that it will fall over and break.

The spinner is a fairly lightweight metal, but not too flimsy. At first was slightly disappointed that the pink and red jewels are plastic. I wish they were glass, however, I believe that would be much too heavy on a spinner of this size. Because of this, I didn't take away any stars since ether jewels are still pretty and the lightness is necessary for proper function of the spinner.

This spinner is beautiful

This is a beautiful wind spinner. It definitely decorates my garden. The wind spinner is 61 inches tall. Importantly, it worked right out of the box. The assembly took 5 minutes and was easy. No tools are required. The wind spinner has a sturdy pole. The colorful wind spinner petals are made of thick metal. The bearing makes the spinner blades rotate 360 degrees with a stronger wind. It does not move with a little breeze. I especially like the vibrant colors. I've even had compliments from my neighbors on it.

Thanks for your feedback!

3 years & still looks GREAT!

The windmill is VERY Sturdy. VEEY THICK METAL!
It holds up during the monsoons and in the direct sunlight in Arizona. I have had the product for well over 3 years & it still looks brand new.

Other than displaying the windmill for its looks, I use it to keep the pigeons off my back wall. IT WORKS GREAT!

The bearing still work great!

The windmill spins and rotates. It's pretty cool to watch during the high winds.

Hope you can enjoy it!


This was a real hit for my husbands' 75th. He loves it, as we all do- simply fascinating twirling in the breeze. Apart from our hummingbird feeders it is the coolest object we've hung in our back yard! Totally Zen.

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Tall and moves great with the wind. Definitely would recommend this.

Your review is very important for our developing business, we appreciate your time!

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