Crimson/ Blue Harlow Waves Lotus Flower Wind Spinner

Lotus Flower Sculpture: Enchanting Garden Wind Spinners

Time to mesmerize and refresh your outdoor space, Let Cyan Oasis 3D kinetic wind spinner with a special lotus flower design, add a magical touch to your garden with every gentle breeze.
It is the unique gift, beautiful garden decor, dutiful Bird deterrents and precise wind waves!

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Peacock Wind Spinners Outdoor

Flowering Sway Wind Spinner

When the wind blows, the swaying blades swirl under the sunlight, blinking a mesmerizing sight.

Add vitality and art to your garden and patio. Perfect Yard Windmill Decor and Best birthday gifts to your parents, couple and best friends!

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  • What Is the Purpose of Wind Spinners?

    Have you ever watched a spinner spin in the garden? Did you appeal to its arms spinning at mesmerizing speeds? Have you ever wondered why a spinner spins? In this blog post, you would get the ansewer

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  • How to Assemble a Wind Spinner in 2 mins

    Assembling a wind spinner quickly can be a straightforward process if you have all the necessary parts and tools ready. Following the video guide from Cyan Oasis, helps you set up quickly.

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  • Why Cyan Oasis

    Cyan Oasis is a professional brand for producing wind spinners that have over 34 years. We care about customer's feeling and the environment. Offer a year warranty for every order and Respin program to put our goals into action.

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  • We Hope to Do More

    At Cyan Oasis, we understand that even the most cherished garden treasures can show signs of wear over time.
    We're not just about bringing beauty and serenity to your gardens with our elegant metal wind spinners.

    Respin Program 

Cyan Oasis

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