Wind Spinner ReSpin Program

Project Description:
At Cyan Oasis, we understand that even the most cherished garden treasures can show signs of wear over time. We're not just about bringing beauty and serenity to your gardens with our elegant metal wind spinners; we're also deeply committed to sustainability and the enduring value of our products.
That's why we're excited to introduce our "ReSpin Program," designed exclusively for our valued customers like you, who have previously embraced our creations in their outdoor spaces.

Why 'ReSpin'?
Our commitment to sustainability and love for the environment inspires us to ensure that our products not only enhance your outdoor space but also embody our dedication to the planet's well-being. The "ReSpin" project allows us to give your cherished wind spinners a second chance, reducing waste and promoting the reuse of our beautiful creations in your gardens.

How It Works:

Cyan Oasis aims to create sustainable products and encourage eco-friendly practices. Let's turn the "aging" wind spinners again and continue the fond memories through Cyan Oasis's "ReSpin" project.

Participating in the "ReSpin" initiative is as breezy as the spinners we adore! Here's how you can be part of this sustainable journey:

1. Warranty: Cyan Oasis offers a one-year warranty for every order. If your wind spinner causes non-human damage, email us directly for free repair.

2. Feedback: If your wind spinners have shown any issues outside the warranty, email us the issue details with your order information, and we will send you a $20 coupon for the replacement of related parts or purchasing a new wind spinner. This allows us to reuse intact parts.

3. Share: Once your new spinner brightens your garden, follow and tag us @cyan_oasis on Instagram or @Cyan Oasis on Facebook with the hashtag #CyanOasisReSpin, and share the photo. We will give a $30 cashback to you for your green initiative.

"Embrace Sustainability, Enhance Beauty". It is more than just a discount program, it's a commitment to our planet and to the lasting beauty of your garden. By participating, you're not only giving your garden a fresh burst of life, but also supporting sustainable practices that help our environment.